The only device that allows you to measure the body temperature from distance, hands-free.

Gather and organize all essential biometric data to have greater security in the company.
100% GDPR compliant.

ERA + RealWare = Safe Workplace

Our ERA software platform, combined with RealWare thermal eyewear, support companies that remained open during the Coronavirus and all those that will reopen as soon as possible.

Effective temperature detection

Detects body temperature in real time from a distance of two metres, hands free.


Archives the data in a database that can be consulted by qualified personnel even later.

100% GDPR compliant

Records biometric information in compliance with privacy and GDPR regulations.

Why adopt our COVID-19 Kit?

For your Employees' Health

the work of your employees and yours, have the right to be protected.

Because Prevention is Everything

Body temperature above 37.5 degrees could be an alarm bell.

To Comply Safety Measure

The pandemic episode recently experienced and the need to ensure the levels of health security imposed by the government, require your company to be equipped with useful tools for prevention.

Institutions talk about it, and individual regions are already acting.

Protecting the health and safety of your company is necessary and urgent.

You will find more technical information on the glasses and you can easily share it with your colleagues.

The EBT kit

You can provide your work environment with all
possible safety, through the Elevated Body
Temperature Kit (EBT Kit): an advanced viewer with RealWear technology and accessories.

The infrared thermal camera of the glasses starts
the thermal reading in a few seconds from a
distance of two meters, transferring data to the
ERA software platform in the Cloud.


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