The Lab is our research and development center, an incubator of innovative and dynamic ideas, representation of technological progress. Here new successful horizons are born, cultivated and alimented by the intuitions of each member of our multidisciplinary team.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is the technological experience that allows an immersion with spaces virtually created. VR is a technology that will be applied to all industries, from marketing to the 4.0 industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) includes a set of studies and techniques turned to the creation of machines able to solve problems and reproduce activities typical of the human mind.

Internet of Things

Internet of things (IoT) connects objects to the Internet, making data and information available in real time, an aspect that was impossible to obtain in the past.

Augmented Reality

Thanks to augmented reality (AR) is possible to view data overlayed to what surrounds the user, improving industrial processes with the simple use of applications usable from smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices.


We develop digital strategies and tailored technologies for your company.


VisionHealtCare is a software for Smart Glasses, applied in the medical-surgical field. During the operation, the surgeon has the possibility, through an intelligent registration, to take some notes and monitor clinical data about the patient, operating at the same time in total security. The software originates from the collaboration between Vision Lab Apps and Dedalus SpA, the national leader in healthcare software as well as holder of important positions in al market segments of public and private healthcare.

Startup Kit

Startup Kit is a set of services proposed as a package, essential to those that have just begun the startup path. The creation of this service was thought keeping in mind the experience and the path undertaken so far by Vision Lab Apps. This first toolkit allows the new entrepreneur to create his online identity and position him on the market, on search engines and social media in an effective manner. The first step towards visibility and digital success.

Software for maintenances

We propose a new way to conceive mounting instructions for the operator through augmented reality applied to the industrial field. This not only implies the automatic recognition of components and the mounting phase but also interactive suggestions, animations overlayed to reality, voice synthesis and recognition, consulting of the manual in the digital format, everything projected in reality. All fundamental aspects for instructing a new operator in an autonomous way, and essential to keep up to date the expert operator.